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A Lesson On Slowing Down

Maria Marshall Maria Marshall

A Lesson On Slowing Down

Two quotes have recently been my guiding light when I feel overwhelmed by the workload of running my startup: Gary Douglas from Access Consciousness, "When you are having fun, money comes to the party," and "Nature doesn't hurry, and yet everything gets accomplished,"Lao Tzu.

Last week, while doing an aspect of my business I really enjoy (interviewing for podcasts), I lost sight of the second quote by Lao Tzu and received a valuable lesson. I did not have the time to research one of the women I was interviewing for the Gaia Goddess Podcast and jumped right in, figuring I could wing it. I had no idea I was interviewing the award-winning Astrologer Yasmine Boland, a best-selling Hay House author of Moonology, a guide on how to manifest magic by working with the moon cycles. Yasmine called me out in two seconds, saying, "Basically, you have no idea who I am or what I do. How are you going to interview me?"

I have never been so embarrassed and horrified that I may have insulted this woman that clearly was an authority and best-selling author! After I took full responsibility and apologized profusely, we went on with the interview, and I must say it was a success. Her work legitimately fascinated me, and I am sure my enthusiasm came through during the podcast. I ordered Moonology and attended her virtual workshop- RECLAIM 2023.

At the end of the podcast, I got emotional, put my hands on my heart, and apologized again, explaining to Yasmine I did not mean to disrespect her. The day of the interview was non-stop, and I lost my bearings. Yasmine, gracious and kind as she was, pulled a card for me from her Moonology Oracle deck (the chart-topping oracle deck ever published) which said "take a breath," and then spent 10 minutes offering advice and wisdom on how to take time out and slow down. She pointed out that she was serving as a message from the universe that I needed to balance. I saw the lesson in the experience and vowed to accept it so there would be no need to ever find myself there again; how comfortable.

We also discussed an awareness we both got; to focus more of the fun and play my business offers me. I know that's huge, so I am asking myself daily, What do I love to do?

I love to create content with the fantastic women my business connect me to. Each healer and practitioner has their own healing story, bringing so much love and passion into the space community Gaia Goddess is creating. I never get tired of filming and interviewing these remarkable women.

And, even though it can be very time-consuming, I love filming reels where I offer inspiration, insights, and snackable content to our followers. I have experienced the hard-knocks and grown dramatically in the last ten years. It's been quite a journey, and I love sharing all the wisdom I have gained with our growing community.

And, of course, I LOVE to write. Even as I craft this post, I am fully engaged with it. Being open and honest comes naturally to me. I am hopeful some people reading this can relate to and appreciate that I'm sharing my experience from a place of vulnerability. It feels good to recognize and affirm the many lessons I am learning through this business. I just request that the universe space them far enough apart so that I can integrate them without much need for repetition! Noted, Got it, Next!

Love, Light, and Gaia

Maria Marshall


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