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“Nothing brings me more joy than working with Women as they learn to heal and love themselves.” Maria Marshall

Gaia Goddess, according to Greek Mythology, is revered as the Mother of all life and the Spirit of the Earth.  As a Business and Eco-feminine brand committed to honoring and caring for the Earth, Gaia Goddess works to reconnect women to the wisdom, cycles and healing resources found in nature and their own bodies.

Gaia’s mission, to provide women unconditional love, support and healing as they awaken their power and embody their worth, allows women to rise and reach their full potential, balancing both the planet and humanity at large.


We stand for love, peace, freedom, and unity and are committed to creating lasting healing for both humanity and our beautiful planet, Gaia.


At Gaia Goddess, we provide the encouragement and practices that allow you to heal so you can discover how powerful you are and live your best life.


We provide a safe and nurturing community where you can connect to like-minded women and feel safe within a supportive sisterhood.


We offer a spiritual and holistic curriculum where you can explore different modalities, practices, and resources to support you on your journey of healing and empowerment.


Gaia’s healing experiences, educational resources, and nurturing community will empower you to confidently step into your fullest expression of your strength and worth.


I’m Maria Marshall, Founder and CEO of Gaia Goddess and I believe in the power of healing and the strength of women. It is with love and hope for the empowerment and uplifting of all women around the world that I have created Gaia Goddess; a healing hub where women can find the community, resources and support they need to live their most empowered lives.

At Lotus House, the nation’s first holistic shelter in Miami, I began my healer’s journey; volunteering reiki, sound and meditative techniques.   This first experience giving love, healing and support to the many residents of Lotus house impacted me profoundly and, as I continued to serve from an open heart, my life’s purpose began to unfold. 

Gaia Goddess was created through my personal experiences of healing. I walked the path of the wounded healer and cleared the shadows from my past in order to help others.  During the pandemic, alone and afraid, I released wave upon wave of heartbreak and despair. But in the moments of stillness that buffered this painful process, I saw clearly what women needed and how Gaia Goddess would support them.

As I acknowledge many signs of confirmation and synchronicities, I know in my heart Gaia Goddess is destined to have a large and lasting impact on humanity.  I am humbled and honored to spend my life doing what I love most by bringing healing and joy to others.


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