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Our Healers

At Gaia Goddess we take healing very seriously.

Our team takes great time and care when selecting the best healers to represent and guide our wellness vision.

Each healer aligns with our code of ethics and is committed to contributing their gifts and expertise to Gaia's wellness mission.

Healer Practitioners

Megwyn White
Haptic Body Instructor

Founder of Haptic Body, Megwyn White has spent over 20 years researching and exploring the dynamics of human emotions as they are mapped inside the body's tissues. She has studied various embodiment modalities including acting, having graduated from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Grace Magnusson
Yoga & Sound Healing

Grace is a yoga teacher, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, personal home cook and sound healing practitioner. She sees wellness as a physical and energetic practice. The mind informs the body and the body informs the mind and when we embody our true wholeness, life flows seamlessly.

Jamie Lynn McCoppin
Registered Drama Therapist

Jamie Lynn McCoppin is a Registered Drama Therapist, retired clown, and the founder of Spark of Play. In her role as an educator, actress, playwright, magician, clown and drama therapist, she has spent the past 20 years honing her skills working with groups and individuals from ages 3 to 100.

Lydia Belton
Spiritual Wellness

Lydia Belton, best known as Dr Tranquility, enjoys helping people stay informed in the areas of spiritual wellness & mental health, not only on her own findings and techniques, but also countless other practitioners and transformational pioneers she has interviewed and worked with. She focuses on conscious dating and relationships.

Featured Practitioner, Megwyn White