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Virtual Event

Embody Your Personal Power


Tune into your personal power and connect to it through breathwork, light movement, vocal work and coaching. By the end of this four-part, livestream workshop series, you'll have the tools to boost your confidence, enhance self-love and attract even more flow into your life.

Week 1 Connect to your pelvic floor and core through breathwork and movement. Discover what it means to ground into your centers of power.

Week 2 Identify the energy that you feel from the belly and core and learn to harness it through visualization and imagination. Practice shifting energy into other parts of your body and explore moving in alignment.

Week 3 Allow your power to fuel your voice. Practice stating your boundaries and making your desires known with vocal coaching.

Week 4 Share ceremonial space with your classmates as you honor yourselves and acknowledge your power. There will be time for any last questions or coaching needs. Discuss how your future looks with these new skills by your side.

This is a four-part livestream workshop series that takes place on Zoom. Once registered, you will be emailed Zoom access links and any other needed workshop information.





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