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  • Ep 7 - Jessie Asya Kanzer on Healing from Trauma

    Award-winning author Jessie Asya Kanzer, sits with our founder, Maria Marshall, to discuss healing from childhood traumas, the ...

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  • Sound Healing Meditation and Renewal with Grace Magnusson

    Sound Bowls, Koshii Chimes, Rainsticks, and the Gong..... Experience inner healing through sound and reflections with Grace.

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  • Self Affirmation with Megwyn White

    Join Megwyn as she explores the sounds and reflections of affirming words.

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  • Taking the Pressure Off - How I Navigate Modern Romantic Relationships

    Many would say in your early twenties not to take romantic relationships so seriously, as you have plenty of time to figure thi...

  • Elixirs, Recipes, and Potions for Calling in Love

    Love is an incredibly powerful and potent energy available to us all. Whether or not the ways of love manifests as platonic, ro...

  • A Personal Account of Transformation: How Adopting an Active Acceptance Practice Changed My World

    We all have moments where we struggle with the temptation of control. How tempting a desire it is! But it's fantasy with a hidd...

  • Now is the Time to Cultivate a Ritual of Rest

    There's a difference between rest and leisure, as well as between rest and laziness. There is a mastery behind each that should...

  • A Quick Guide to Setting Intentions for the New Year

    Welcome to one of the most awaited times of the year- The New Year, when people across countries and cultures acknowledge the c...

  • Boundaries for a Recovering People-Pleaser

    As the collective consciousness expands and mental health stigmas slowly fade, particular topics and subjects to assist us in h...

  • How To Cultivate a Grounding Practice to Uplevel Your Way of Life

    As the seasons change, so do I. This is a mantra I like to use to put my mind, body, and soul at ease when confronted with the ...

  • Reclaiming Your Power and Inviting in Radical Transformation

    Day in and day out, the external world challenges our reality, and distractions, opinions, and projections constantly bombard ...

  • Self Love Meditation

    A spoken meditation of self love accompanied by the F Monolina

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  • Featured Practitioner Megwyn White

    Practitioner Megwyn White shares insights about the Haptic Body

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  • Ep 1 - Conscious Dating with Dr Tranquility

    In this episode, Maria Marshall interviews Lydia Belton "Dr Tranquility" and discusses the life changing concepts and practices...

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  • Ep 2 - Haptic Body and Expression with Megwyn White

    Join Maria Marshall and Megwyn White as they discuss embodiment and haptic body influence in human expression.

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  • Ep 3 - Drama Play Therapy with Jamie McCoppin

    In this episode Maria Marshall interviews Jamie McCoppin, founder of "My Spark of Play". Listen in as they discuss the therapeu...

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  • Ep 4 - Holistic Therapy with Madeline Thompson and Maria Marshall

    Join Madeline Thompson and Maria Marshall as they discuss the many dynamics of Holistic Therapy and Counseling.

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  • Ep 5 - Jana Astanov discusses Astral Consciousness and the Dream World

    In this episode Jana Astanov speaks about Baltic and Slavic mythologies, and the activation of Astral experiences.

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  • Ep 6 - Ester Makhlouf shares her experiences as a woman in the Tech Industry

    Ester Makhlouf and Maria Marshall discuss personal challenges in the technology industry, and topics of Crypto and NFTs.

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  • Maria Marshall Interviews Megwyn White

    Join Maria and Megwyn as they discuss trauma, acting, haptic body, and healing.

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  • Maria Marshall speaks with Grace Magnusson about Sound Healing

    Join Maria and Grace as they explore sound healing modalities, and Grace's work in Yoga and Sound Bath Meditation.

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  • Sound Meditation with Grace Magnusson

    Grace Magnusson treats us to the transformative sounds of the rainstick, crystal bowls, gong, and chimes taking you on a peace ...

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  • Spoken Sound Meditation with Grace Magnusson

    Grace takes us on a meditative journey with her words, sound bowls, and chimes.

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