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April 25, 2023

Practical Ways to Strengthening a Relationship with Mother Earth

By Jordan Rome

Let’s face it- the climate crisis is the only evidence we need to comprehend that collectively, our relationship with our great Mother Earth is abusive, parasitic, and unjust. Despite all the overwhelming commotion, it’s important to remember our situation is not hopeless. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. As in, no one will come and save us but ourselves. Together, we have the ability to make a difference and shift how we relate with our home planet. This selfless act requires an active willingness not only to unlearn but to educate ourselves on how to be a faithful ally to this beautiful planet we’re privileged to briefly call our abundant abode. Here are a few simple actions you can implement to honor Mother Earth and feel a genuine and loving connection to her vibration in a familial and familiar way!

Creating this loving relationship with Mother Earth, a powerful spirit you can talk to, create with, feel, and receive messages from, will unlock the concept that when you take care of her, you take care of yourself. 

Though adopting a “green lifestyle” (which essentially minimizes and preserves Earth’s natural resources and habitats) is undoubtedly helpful and may even absolve your guilt of “not doing enough,” it is equally relevant to note that this strategy is incomplete, given that political and systemic action is just as pertinent and arguably more effective. We want to remind you of the age-old wisdom that has always been available to us but deeply neglected and overlooked. Indigenous peoples have an egalitarian relationship with the Earth, in which they have an obligation to it and responsibilities and duties that ensure mutual survival. In addition, humans are not separate from Nature and are equal and interdependent. There is a wildly valuable perspective where these communities have a kinship with the land as something they belong to and are intrinsically a part of. Creating this loving relationship with Mother Earth, a powerful spirit you can talk to, create with, feel, and receive messages from, will unlock the concept that when you take care of her, you take care of yourself. 

Conscious Communication

How do we offer gratitude for the waters, the sunshine, the winds, and the trees?

How do we thank a Goddess that provides us with so much? Like our relationship with friends and family, our relationship with Gaia requires communication. Have you asked Gaia what she needs, how you can help, or what she wants from you today? If you intend to connect with Gaia, you’ll be surprised how nature talks back with you. Suppose this is an unfamiliar practice for you. In that case, it may feel silly initially, but open your heart and be willing to receive infinite bouts of intelligence. After all, she is a living, breathing thing. Lucky for you, it doesn’t take a lot; an attitude of gratitude backed by action will take you far. Have you considered presenting yourself before nature in all its glory in how it shows up and out for you? Think about how intentional you are when you prepare to go out with a friend or lover. Usually, you put your best foot forward. Don’t take this action for granted when meeting up with Pachamama, too! This is a subtle act of love and respect when we make the time to connect with her.


Pachamama gives to us without asking for anything in return.

Therefore, cultivating a practice to reciprocate by making offerings to her is a beautiful way to restore balance and healing for the environment. When we offer, do so with pure intention, acknowledgment, gratitude, and no expectations. Anything you do with love as an offering is worthy, such as offering prayers, songs, dances, and natural foods. 

In addition, pouring our sacred moon blood is also a lovely offering and a ritual you can cultivate to connect deeply with the energy of your womb and the womb of Mother Earth. Ancient womb cultures knew our menstrual cycle was sacred and something to be revered. Giving our blood back to the Earth was a way to affirm that and our connection with her. Find a secret and special place outdoors or a special plant to offer your blood, sending blessings for restoration and renewal. If you use a menstrual cup, giving your blood should be simple. Otherwise, you can soak your cloth pad or period panties in a jar of water and offer your blood this way. It’s nice to remember that everything from the Earth must return to her!

Acts of Service

Doing acts of service is a love language that Gaia greatly appreciates.

There’s a saying: Leave a place better than when you found it. This goes the same for our beloved Mother Earth. This could be partaking in a local beach clean-up or initiating a solo one alone. Another action would be to dedicate yourself to planting something into the ground and taking time to nurture it, bearing witness to how it flourishes under your love and care. These may seem commonplace, but all these steps are investments in shaping your relationship with the Earth. Over time, you may even enjoy other acts of service like quality time or even physical touch!

When you change your perception, values, and beliefs, your actions naturally align to meet them. The reality is that modern Western capitalist societies are profoundly disconnected and out of touch with the natural world. The constant bombardment of convenient, quick pleasures and the latest trends is without a doubt out of balance with the cycles and rhythms of nature. It only drives separation further from Gaia and, therefore, ourselves. 

Let’s assess how our actions line up with our supposed beliefs with honesty. We may discover that our energy is not spent in service to what we claim to be an advocate for. This is merely an opportunity to course-direct and take stock of our habits to cultivate a lifestyle that prioritizes a relationship with Mother Earth. As we belong to her, and she belongs to us. 


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