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June 18, 2024

Unleashing Your Inner Child: Fun and Creative Ways to Connect with Nature

As beings who are both physical and spiritual, we often yearn to feel more connected with the world around us. We seek that feeling of unity with nature, that sense of oneness with every living thing. Remember how, as children, we would feel this connection so effortlessly? We’d marvel at the rustling leaves, the buzzing insects, and feel a deep sense of wonder. Rekindling that childlike curiosity and joy within us can help us reconnect on a spiritual level. It’s beautifully simple, yet profound in the truths it reveals. So, let’s embark on this journey together, and rediscover the world through the eyes of our inner child.

Child’s Play Is Not Just for Children

As adults, we often forget the importance of play, dismissing it as an activity reserved for children. However, play is essential for all ages, serving as a powerful catalyst for expanding the way we think. Engaging in playful activities throws a wrench in our mundane routines, and is an invitation to step outside our comfort zone to explore different perspectives. Play aligns us with a higher intelligence that is deeply innate. In the spiritual realm, play aligns us with a sense of “being” as opposed to “doing”.  When we are busy at play, we lose track of time, engaging in an activity for sheer pleasure. Playing doesn’t stop once you hit a certain age, it simply gets lost in the responsibilities of adulting. The more time you spend nourishing the aspects of the inner child,  the more joy and wonder you will experience in life. There are so many ways to invite play into your life; learn something new, take an improv class, try writing some jokes. But please let go of the inner critic!  How many children do you know that don’t enjoy their drawings, stick piles, or sand castles?  All children express themselves freely because they have not yet learned to judge.  Adults often refuse to try something new because they believe they will be “bad at it”.  However, imagine how much more fun play can be for Adults who detach from the outcome and instead focus on the pure pleasure of the experience?  

Seeing Through the Eyes of a Child

As a child, everything seemed so new and exciting. Children move through life with wanderlust and a sparkle in their eyes. Adopting this childlike sense of wonder can help us appreciate the magic of nature and our intrinsic connection to it. Spend some time outside and observe your surroundings as if it’s your first time. Pay attention! Notice the colors of the flowers, the rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds, and the feel of the earth beneath your feet. Take some time to lay on the ground and gaze at the clouds, watching as they take on new shapes and forms, folding and collapsing into each other. Drop into your innocence, marveling at Gaia’s abundant beauty. Set the intention to notice something you never have before. Afterwards, write down these revelations no matter how subtle as if you were describing it to someone else who has never witnessed this either. 

Coloring in Nature – Affirmation Coloring Books

Coloring isn’t just a pastime for kids; it’s an alternative form of meditation. Affirmation coloring books combine the meditative benefits of coloring with the power of positive affirmations. While coloring a beautiful scene, repeat affirmations related to nature’s energy, such as “I am connected to the Earth” or “I am part of the divine natural world.” This practice can strengthen our spiritual bond with nature, bringing a sense of peace and fulfillment. Both adult and children’s coloring books offer playful experiences and an exercise in further connecting to your inner child and stretching your imagination. 

Scientific Studies of Play

Play has several documented benefits. According to the American Journal of Play, engaging in playful activities can stimulate the brain’s neural pathways and enhance cognitive function, leading to improved problem-solving skills and creative thinking. It also promotes physical health by improving motor skills, increasing activity levels, and reducing obesity risk. Social interaction during play improves communication and relationships, and significantly boosts emotional well-being by reducing stress, improving mood, and promoting happiness through endorphin release. In spiritual practice, play can deepen self-understanding and divine connection. Playful meditation, like laughter yoga, reduces stress and promotes joy. Next time you’re at the beach try creating a nature mandala, sand castle, or altar as a playful way to merge with Gaia and remember the sacredness of free-flowing creativity with no end goal or purpose.

Watching Children Play

Children, with their natural presence, curiosity, and ability to find joy in the simplest things, serve as beautiful reminders of life’s opportunities for joyful expression. Watching them play, their boundless imagination and genuine delight on full display, can be truly inspirational. So, why not give a swing in a park a try next time you pass one? Let the wind rush past you and reconnect with that fearless inner child.  Embracing play, imagination and curiosity not only unlocks our creativity but helps us to foster a deeper, more joyful connection with the world around us.

Don’t forget that our inner child holds the key to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. As adults, we can use our compounded wisdom and merge it with the wisdom of the inner child. When we invite more play into our lives, we nurture our inner child and, as a result, experience more creativity and feel less of life’s burdens.  Dare to let your inner child take the driver’s seat one day, and you just may find you’re on the road to reconnecting to the childlike joy, wonder and expansiveness that makes life magically enjoyable!


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